The Las Vegas Tweetup and BlogWorld 2009


@ManyaS enjoying a cupcake from @RetroBakery during the Official Kickoff Tweetup of BlogWorld 2009. @RobertGaines took alot of great pictures so I created an Animoto video to show you what you missed last year. Yes, I know it is kind of rude, but I think it will give you incentive to get registered for BlogWorld […]

@VegasRockDog Talks With @TheLVTweetup Hot Digity Dog!


Samantha Ratcliff known as @VegasRockDog is my guest today! is the Original line of Rock n Roll clothes for hip hop dogs and their Humans.  Or as “Bolt” would say “My Person” I couldn’t resist. The Las Vegas Tweetup has connected me with wonderful Tweeps here in Vegas.  I love Samantha’s Accent, she is from England.  […]

Chevy Sema Tweetup

Back in November @ConnieBurke contacted me to help promote the SEMA Chevrolet Tweetup.  I didn’t realize how cool of an opportunity this was!  @24k and @VegasBill also attended. I Love, Love Transformers and getting to drive Bumblebee was Sweet! Beautiful machine.. Attendees got to go joy riding in all of the new Chevrolet models and […]