A Sweet Way to Spin Your Tweets “TweetSpinner”

TweetSpinner is a sweet way to put a spin on your “Tweets” and increase your Twitter productivity.

Let’s talk about TweetSpinner’s sweet ways:

You can set up TweetSpinner for FREE but I have a feeling after you see the Pro account features FREE won’t be so appealing. Your Free TweetSpinner account works with one Twitter Profile and you get 5 features.

Hootsuite Hoot!


Hootsuite Hoot!

There are so many “Suite” things about Hootsuite that make it my suite Twitter home away from Twitter.

One of my favs is the “Hootlet” a suite tool you drag to your toolbar, that allows you to tweet about a cool site without even going into Twitter. Here is a video demo:



Twitpic is photo sharing for Twitter

If you are on Twitter you already have an account on Twitpic. All you have to do is go to Twitpic and sign in like you are signing into you Twitter account.

Once you are logged in you have a few options: Home, Public Timeline, Upload Photo, Settings, and Logout.

Twitversation For Your Website: Tweetboard


Twitversation For Your Website: Tweetboard

Tweetboard allows you to have true “Twitversations” on your website!
An application for you website that is fun and allows you to have an engaging micro-forum. So what does Tweetboard do with your Twitter stream? It pulls it in with in 1 mind of real-time. Your tweets are reformated into threaded twitversations “nesting” (as the tweetboard site explains). Twitversations that splinter off your original twitversation are included in the thread.